Entire list of people who performed with Energy Vampires in one form or another.
Jonathon Stewart - Lead Vocals (R.I.P)
Mike Kawka-bass
Dave Jacobs-guitars
Dave Andre-bass
Dino Losurdo-drums
Jerry Kleine-guitars (R.I.P.)
Scott Nurczyk-drums
Jim Jenson-jack hammer
Mike Kawka-bass
James "Sven" Swanson-guitar
Don Griffen
Donovan Cleveland-bass
Kenny Mandat-guitars
Jamie Dugan-bass
Kid Jackson-drums
Tony Martinez-keys
Z Adrian Savage
Todd Fulk-bass
Jim Staffel-drums
Jim Kassanitz-guitars
Chris Nelken-guitars (R.I.P.)
Gregory Verthein-guitars
Michael Barry - keys
Wayne Carlson-bass
Brent Sullivan-bass (Filled in at last minute for several final shows after Bass player quit with shows still booked)
Ed Morvac-drums (Filled in at last minute for several final shows after Drummer quit with shows still booked)
And a very Special Thanks to Mars Williams

Primary Crew Members:
Rick Brick - Security/Masher
Rich Hunzikr - Road & Stage Manager/Prop Design
Jim Morrison - Lighting Guru
Michael Hunzikr - Road Crew & Stage Hand
Brad McHugh - Road Crew Elite
And a very special thanks to all the people all over the world that helped us out.